Helping communities using our global human network!
Companies that need foreign workers
People who want to work in Japan
Our staff will
will support you!
*Support available for trainees too
Living support provided by multi-national staff
Introduction to companies with good working conditions
Work support in your language
We will do your visa paperwork
Japanese staff also help
Good salaries
Improving local economies
with friendly support
*1: Salary is set according to the Specified Skilled Worker System (details)
*2: Vietnam (5 companies + 2 universities), Thailand (2 companies + 2 universities), Indonesia (3 companies + 1 university), Nepal and Philippines planned
We provide living support and Japanese lessons, improving job enjoyment for workers. For companies, we introduce personnel and provide consulting, helping to create “glocal” workplaces.
*3: “Glocal” is the combination of global and local. It means “think globally, act locally”.
Services only YOU-I can provide

When you come to Japan to live and work, you may need somebody to help you with the language and culture. YOU-I provides support for this. We help create a happy workplace for foreign workers and companies. We also help you live a happy life in Japan.

Why is foreign worker support needed?

In Japan, the number of workers is going down quickly. So, workers from other countries are very important. But there are problems with the Technical Intern Training Program, such as trainees disappearing from their workplaces, and other issues.

These problems are not always caused by the workers.

YOU-I knows the problems foreign workers have. We started this project to make working in Japan more fun, using our experience from many years of non-profit international exchange activities.

*The company will pay your support fee.
*You need to pay for visa application and travel to Japan.

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YOU-I's strong points:

Connecting people. Connecting the world.

YOU-I began in 2006. It’s an international group in Ishikawa, Japan. We became a non-profit group in 2008. We think that people with language skills are very important. Our main goals are helping foreign residents join Japanese society, and creating a multi-culture community.

Please watch our introduction video below (English coming soon!).

Our multi-culture and multi-language
community was built by our non-profit
activities. It’s our biggest strength.
Kazuo Yamada, President
Foreign worker support
information & applications All questions welcome!

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〇 Specified Skilled Worker VISA Registered support organization (Minister of Justice Approval No.: 19登-001583)
〇 Charged Employment Placement Service Provider (Approval No.: 17-Yu-300188)
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