Connecting people. Connecting the world.
YOU-I began in 2006. It’s an international group in Ishikawa, Japan. We became a non-profit group in 2008. We think that people with language skills are very important. Our main goals are helping foreign residents join Japanese society, and creating a multi-culture community.
YOU-I has received awards for our
international exchange work and support
Awarded by the Ishikawa Foundation
for International Exchange
(Dec 2016)
Awarded by the Ishikawa Prefectural
Governor, Masanori Tanimoto
(Nov 2017)

Please watch our introduction video below (English coming soon!).

Kazuo Yamada, President
YOU-I started as a place for foreign people to gather and have fun. As we continued to hold events for friends from various countries, I realised the skills of our members, and our goal became to help society in a way that only YOU-I could.

It is difficult for NPOs to make money and continue operating, so we began to make money by utilising our strength, “multi-language services”. We offer these services to government agencies and businesses. Then we started supporting foreigners and companies with language problems. We also increased the number of places where Ishikawa’s international residents can work. We can now pay for our continued operation. The more people we support, the more staff we can pay to help. It’s a good cycle. If our staff return to their original countries, we stay in contact with them. This helps build our global network.

The number of technical intern trainees is increasing in Japan. Many problems have happened. The change in the law (Specified Skills Visa) is also expected to produce more problems. We aim to support more and more people, by building our business using our trusted global network. We will also use our special strength: “foreign residents who support other foreign residents”. This has continued over a 15-year period until now. By making a company, we can now do things that were not possible as an NPO. We can now provide more support for foreigners in our changing society.
Foreign worker support
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